Welcom to GCO, Where we buy Junk Cars. Now, you probably have a car that you just want out of your life for whatever reason and if you are a smart person, which I'm sure you are, you're looking for the best, safest, and most profitable way to go about it. So, we do our very best to give you all the information that you would need to make the expereince as comfortable as possible!
Don't want to speak to anyone? No Problem. Just click here and be sent directly to our Quick Quote page. So, in a nutshell, You call, we give you a quote, agree on the price, send the truck and pay you cash! That's it!
Most companies will throw in towing and we are no different! Towing is FREE! When we come to an agreed price, we will send our truck directly to where the car is and take it off your hands! This process is Fast and smooth! We have a live person on hand at all times to give you the quote in a timely fashion. Simply call 1-877-603-7110 follow the prompt and there you go!